Data Protection Declaration


In this data protection declaration, we explain how we process your personal data, what types of personal data are included in these activities, as well as the purpose and the legal basis for the data processing. We also explain when and why we reveal your personal data to third parties. In addition, we inform you in this general data protection declaration about your rights regarding the processing of your personal data and potential transfer of your personal data.

The protection of your personal data is most significant to Intercopter GmbH. It is important for us to inform you which personal data are collected, how they are processed and what role you can have in this.

This general data privacy statement provides an overview of the key points that are generally valid for the processing of your data by Intercopter GmbH.

This data protection declaration encompasses the collection, the use and the processing of your personal data on our part. We gather, use and process your personal information if you employ our services as a customer or potential customer. The includes the use of our web pages or other services, communication with us via phone, email, social media or similar.

Please bear in mind that this data protection declaration is not applicable if you interact and/or communicate with a different service provider. You have the right to contact the respective service provider and request information regarding the gathering, the use, the processing and the protection of your personal data. Your personal data that we collect or are provided with through the partial or full service due to interactions with such a service provider are subject to this data protection declaration.

On what legal basis does Intercopter GmbH process your data?

We process your data according to the regulations of the European and German data protection acts (the following regulations are those of the European data protection declaration, in short DSGVO), which means only if and as long as

  • - it is required for the completion of the contract with you, or for the execution of pre-contractual duties, that take place upon request (Section 6, Para. 1b DSGVO) or
  • - you have given respective processing permission (Section 6, Para. 1a DSGVO) or
  • - the processing is necessary for the preservation of qualified interests of us or third parties, e.g. in the following cases: Enforcement of claims, defence in the case of legal disputes; recognition and elimination of misuse; prevention and resolution of criminal offences; guarantee of a secure IT operation of Intercopter GmbH (Section 6, Para 1f DSGVO) or
  • - there are legal requirements such as storage of documents in terms of commercial or tax law (Section 6, Para. 1c DSGVO), or for public interest (Section 6, Para. 1e DSGVO).

If you employ any of Intercopter GmbH’s services, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your name, phone number, email address and payment details.

If you would like to change contracted services, or if you need other assistance from us, we will process the above mentioned personal information that we obtained from you. Your name and contact details serve the purpose of informing you about the services performed for you. This includes sending reminders via text or email regarding the service, e.g. notification of potential changes.

You are also requested to enter your payment details (e.g. credit card number and expiry date) as well as further personal data to complete your payment. This data, especially your name, address, email address and IP address will be disclosed to your bank with the aim to receive your payment complete the accounting process. If you request reimbursement of expenses, these data will also be processed.

In order to comply with our legal responsibilities, it is possible, that we disclose your data to your credit card issuer, customs or the police. In that case, the data processed by us may include your name, address, email address, IP address, and payment details.

The data provided by you for the purpose of service will be stored for up to 10 years.

The legal basis for the processing of your data as described in this section is your acceptance of the general terms and conditions that apply when you make a booking with us as well as our legitimate interest to operate our business, or to fulfil our legal responsibilities otherwise.

Intercopter GmbH has different forms of customer service available to assist you. To ensure our customer service to you, we process your personal data to identify you and to assist you optimally. You can contact us via phone, email, mail or social media, and if you get in contact with us via one of these methods, we will assist you regarding your requests, questions or feedback concerning our services. Depending on request, question or feedback, it may be possible, that we ask for additional personal data such as your credit card number.

After contacting our customer service, we analyse the content of our response to you, e.g. records of our communication with you when we process a complaint. This is done for quality control of the service that you have received from us. For this purpose, we may process your personal data such as your name and your contact details.

To maintain the level of our services, data test programmes may run on our websites in the case of an error or if our system has been changed. This means that your personal data are being processed. It enables us to eliminate errors in our system, display correctly the potential changes made by you or relevant changes for you made by us, and to ensure that these websites function properly.

In addition, we create reports and statistics by analysing the data, i.e. your name and contact details. This is to improve our service programme further, and to provide you with even better service next time.

The information that you provide us with in terms of the service will be stored for 10 years.

As described in this section, the legal basis for the storage of your data is your agreement to the general terms and conditions that apply to the employed services, and under which we legitimately operate our business.

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your agreement and our legitimate interest to operate and improve our business. You may revoke your agreement to the processing of your data at any time. Please keep in mind that the revocation does not include the validity of any data processed prior.

What are your rights?

You have the right

  • - to request disclosure of the types of data processed, the purpose of processing, potential recipients of the data and the intended duration of storage (Section 15 DSGVO);
  • - to request the rectification or completion of incomplete data (Section 16 DSGVO);
  • - to revoke a granted permission with future validity at any time (Section 7, Para. 3 DSGVO):
  • - to object to data processing that is supposed to take place based on justified interest for reasons related to your specific situation (Section 21, Para. 1 DSGVO);
  • - to request the elimination of data in certain cases within the scope of Section 17 DSGVO - especially if the data are no longer required for the intended purpose or if they are processed illegitimately, or if you revoke your agreement according to (c), or if you have declared revocation according to (d);
  • - to request a data limitation under specific circumstances if elimination is not possible or if an obligatory elimination is litigious (Section 18 DSGVO);
  • - to receive a data transfer, i.e. you may receive the data that you have provided to us in a machine-parsable format such as CSV, and you may forward it to others (Section 20 DSGVO);
  • - to complain to the responsible authority about the data processing (Civil representative for data protection and freedom of information in Bavaria).

Requests concerning the processing of personal data and access questions, please refer to the contact listed below.

You have the right to refuse the processing of data for specific purposes, or to revoke the permission where we have previously received the permission to process the data. If we process data because we have a legitimate interest in it (as described above), you also have the right to refuse. These rights may be limited in certain situations, e.g. if we can prove that we have the legal obligation to process your data.

If it is deemed necessary that personal data meet legal and contractual obligations, the provision of the data is mandatory. Should the respective data not be provided, we are entitled to not comply with our contractual obligations and our contractual relationship. In all other cases, the provision of requested personal data is voluntary.

Is your data used for advertising or market research?

We do not use your personal data for advertising or market research.

Who does Intercopter GmbH provide with my data?

  • - So-called data processing companies are companies that we employ to process data based on the legally designated scope according to Section 28 DSGVO (service providers, performing agents). In that case, Intercopter GmbH remains responsible for the protection of your data. We employ these companies especially in the following areas: IT.
  • - Based on legal requirements: In certain cases, we are legally required to provide government agencies with the requested data (e.g. customs, public authorities).

Where are your data processed?

In exceptional cases, if data processing occurs in countries outside the European Union (so-called third countries), this is because you have explicitly agreed to it or because it is necessary for us in order to provide our service to you, or because it is legally required (Section 49 DSGVO). Furthermore, the processing of data in third countries only takes place if an appropriate level of data protection can be ensured through specific measures (e.g. order of appropriateness of the EU commission, or the so-called suitable guarantees, Section 44ff. DSGVO).

Amendment and correction of this data protection declaration

At times, we may amend or correct our data protection declaration without informing you in order to include new or different data protection practices. We recommend reviewing the latest version of our data protection declaration.

If we perform significant amendments to our data protection declaration, we will publish a note on our website.

Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction of this data protection declaration is Germany, except compelling local legislation, and is subject to the German legislation, and is construed according to German law.

Who is responsible for the data processing?

Responsible for the data is Intercopter GmbH, Willy-Messerschmitt-Strasse 1, 82024 Taufkirchen. If you have any questions, you can contact our customer service or our data protection officer via email

Protocol data

If you access the homepage of our company, for technical reasons, the internet browser transfers the following data (in the following called “protocol data”) to the web server of our company. This data is captured in log files:

Date of access, time of access, URL of the referring website, retrieved file, transferred data amount, browser type and version, operating system, IP address, the domain name of your internet access provider.

This only concerns information that does not allow to draw conclusions about the natural person. This information is necessary for technical reasons to display the requested website content correctly and is compelling when using internet offers. The protocol data are evaluated only for statistical purposes to optimise the internet presence of our company and the underlying technology and will be deleted subsequently.

Protocol data are stored separately from other data that are collected within the scope of the utilisation of our company.


The internet pages use so-called cookies in several places. They are used to make our internet offer more customer friendly, effective and secure. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the computer and saved by the browser. Most of the cookies used by us are so-called “session-cookies”. They are deleted automatically after your visit. Cookies do not damage your computer, and they do not contain any viruses.

Links to other websites

We do not assume liability for links to other websites and their contents.

Security advice

We endeavour to store your personal data in a way that prevents access by third parties by seizing all technical and organisational possibilities. We cannot guarantee complete data security regarding communication via email, which is why we recommend sending confidential information by mail.

Date of entry into force: 25.05.2018Last update: 20.05.2018